SE JV-13 DK JV-13 SE UCH DK UCH Skystar's Louis

Born 1st of January 2013

Louis is our second import and is just that wonderful little dog that everyone falls in love with - just adorable! Very much like his father, our Napoleon Viking, with his fathers excellent temper, a happy, curious and responsive guy - and definitely a very look-a-like his daddy! When I first met his mother Alicia some years ago when she came to stay in our home I fell in love and thought she would be the perfect partner for Napoleon! Two beautiful white&sable haveneses with excellent temper! And it turned out to be right - this little fellow brings such joy every day! Louis lives with our most dear friends Eva, Christer and Gustav. When he visit us he just walk right into our family as if he never has been away. Louis kisses his dad Napoleon and then immediately starts flirting with the girls and us! 

Born 1st of January 2013
Napoleon - Louis father
Alicia - Louis mother