C.I.B. SE UCH NO UCH DK UCH NORD UCH Peach Blossom Blue Temptation
Born 14th of February 2010 on Valentine Day!

Malva is our beloved little flower and princess and she is our first import! She is a wonderful, happy and spirited girl. In the wood she's very fast running, always winning when competing with the boys! Excellent on fetching things, just for the award of a little candy. She loves to play with soft toys, throw them high up in the air and catch them again. She thinks all the toys at home belongs to her, no one for the boys! 

Malva has shown herself very nicely at shows and already at age 16 months she was Best In Show twice! Shortly after her 2nd birthday she was Swedish and Norwegian Champion and then Danish, International Beauty Champion and Crufts Qualified. Malva has health checks regulary with excellent results (heart,  eyes and patella 0/0) according to the guidelines of the Breed Club. Malva is DNA tested and is only carrying the long hair gene. She has a beautiful fur and it's very easy to take care of. Our little flower is a real cuddly dog that loves to be in Mum's lap. Mum has got her beloved lapdog! 

Our Beauty Queen Malva 4,5 years <3